OZWST Format

The OZWST format for Peer CONFERences is closely aligned to that of LAWST (Los Altos Workshop on Software Testing).

The OZWST Peer CONFERences are structured to allow for greater discussion from ALL attendees.  Traditional conferences are limited in this respect, unless of course you’re the sort of person that actively seeks out conversation.  Even then it is difficult to get the speakers time.  At an OZWST Peer CONFERence everyone is a speaker, and everyone is encouraged to join in on the conversation.

One or two topics will be chosen for each event, and each attendee must come prepared to provide an Experience Report on the chosen topic/s.  An Experience Report could be a five minute story, or a thrity minute presentation, in relation to an experience the attendee has had in line with the chosen topic/s.

During the Experience Report there is only one type of question allowed from the audience; a clarifying question.  This allows the audience to ensure they are clear with the intent of the communication.  An example may be asking the speaker what is meant by the use of particualr jargon.

Once the Experience Report has been delivered we then move into Open Season.  During Open Season the audience get the opportunity to contribute in whatever way they believe necessary to further the learning of all attendees.  Coloured cards are used to moderate Open Season which allows everbody to have their say, no matter how powerful or weak some speakers may be. 

Coloured Cards in use during Open Season:

  • Green – Contribute a new thread of discussion.
  • Yellow – Contribute to the same/current thread of discussion.
  • Red – Interuption.  What you’re going to contribute must be said ‘right now’.
  • Purple – You believe the current thread of discussion is going down a ‘rat hole’ and needs to be stopped.

More details to be provided soon – Site currently under construction.

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