“I have never been on such a roller-coaster of emotion for testing than at OZWST. I was inspired, empowered, comforted, and challenged. The winner over the two days was the building and strengthening of good testing practices and encouragement of the importance of strong test leadership in this country.”

– Richard Robinson

“The force is strong with this one! *WST conferences are great in general but this was an exceptionally good one with lots of ERs and engaging discussions. Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days.”

– Oliver Erlewein

“The first ever OZWST was an all-round success, and I’ll definitely be signing up for the second one. The conference was very well organised and facilitated, the venue was great, and best of all the attendees were inspiring, supportive and bursting with useful strategies for influencing context driven testing in varied situations. The role play exercise had me in stitches, even while I was frantically making notes on all of the fantastic tips that came out of it!”

– Kim Engel

“OZWST was a mind-bending experience! I was heaps energized and excited during and after the conference. Everyone’s openness about their own experiences and struggles was not only humbling, but extremely helpful and enlightening. I’m back at my workplace now, full of new ideas and strategies on how to be a better tester, the context-driven way. Please sign me up for OZWST 2!” 

– Alessandra Moreira

“The topic for the first OZWST was  “Influence and Persuasion” but for me this OZWST was about leadership in software testing. It soon became apparent that through their motivation, passion and courage we were looking at testers not content with testing within their limits, but wanting to make a difference to other testers around them. OZWST set the bar for creating an environment for people to share and learn from each others. Keep em coming!” 

Anne-Marie Charrett

“Was great to see familiar faces again and meet new ones. I have come back with an expanded understanding on the topic of collaboration and definitely reminders on points that I often lose sight of when I get bogged down in the daily grind. The diversity of discussions and ER’s once again reinforce the benefits of continual learning and context, context, context.”

– Andrew Dempster

“Was an awesome venue with a great bunch of people, very rewarding experience. Feeling very enthusiastic after the Workshop which makes for a good time to try some new approaches, will see where that leads.”

– Scott Griffiths

“Undoubtedly a first-class event.  Big props to you, Dave.  Thanks to everyone for making it a great week-end.”

– Dean MacKenzie

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