OZWST 2013 is almost upon us!

Well, we’re about 3 weeks out from OZWST 2013 and I’m getting quite excited.

Current attendees are as follows (in no particular order):

  • David Greenlees (Facilitator)
  • Rob Sabourin (Content Owner)
  • Richard Robinson (assisting the Facilitator)
  • Anne-Marie Charrett
  • Andrew Dempster
  • Mark Tolfts
  • Kim Engel
  • Paulo Lai
  • Alessandra Moreira
  • Scott Griffiths
  • Dean MacKenzie
  • Erik Petersen
  • Rajesh Mathur
  • Bruce McLeod
  • Bradley Futter
  • Lee Hawkins
  • David Donald

This year’s theme is ‘Collaboration in Software Testing’.  This is quite a broad theme, so I’m looking forward to some great conferring on almost ANYTHING we do in software testing!

A quick thank you to both the Association for Software Testing (for the catering via their Grant Program) and Google (for the use of their HQs in Sydney).

A Grant Report similar to last year’s will be written post the event so please keep an eye out for that.

Bring it!

OZWST 2013 Logo…

Some wonderful OZWST 2013 logos that you can pin to your blogs… (Shameless self promotion)  ;0)

OZWST 2013 - 16bit OZWST 2013 - 4b OZWST 2013 - 4 OZWST 2013 - 3 OZWST 2013 - 6 OZWST 2013 - 7


HUGE thank you to Andrew Dempster for the hours of work required in creating these.

Lesson learned (from Andrew himself)… “Graphic design really is a specialist skill!”

OZWST Invites Sent…

Well, progress has been made… the OZWST 2013 invites have been sent today.

I’ll post a final attendee list as soon as it’s confirmed, however it does give me great pleasure to announce our international guest Content Owner, Mr Rob Sabourin.  I’m very excited that we’ve been able to make this work.  As you can imagine it’s not a cheap trip from Canada to Australia, but with the help of my colleagues we’ve been able to nail it.

Event details as follows:

Theme – Collaboration.  Although broad sounding, this will be a powerful theme when controlled by Rob.  It is an essential part of our roles and it will be very interesting to hear stories of success and failures.

Venue – Google HQs, Sydney.

Date – August 3 and 4, 2013.

Each attendee will come prepared with an Experience Report (ER) and hopefully we can get through most of them (a hard task for a two day event).  While on the subject of ER’s, check out this video of Rob’s description of an ER.

Once again the AST have been kind enough to sponsor the event through their Grant Program.  Also, a bit thank you to Google for the use of their wonderful HQs in Sydney.

Looking forward to a fantastic couple of days!

More update to come (as always).  ;0)

OZWST in the Year of the Snake

Since the last post some tentative decisions have been made…

We are now looking at Sydney as the host city for OZWST 2013, and early August is the potential timeline.  We are in talks with possible venues and if all goes to plan we’ll be very happy testers during the breaks.  ;0)

The theme remains undecided, and this will likely drive the invite list.

Looking forward to another healthy couple of days full of discussion, collaboration, debate, and maybe even some fireworks.

OZWST 2013

Well, planning for OZWST 2013 is already underway!

Talks have begun with testing rock stars, possible locations have been spoken of (Brisbane currently leading the race), themes tossed about, and more helpers for the OZWST Committee are in the wings!  It’s all happening.

If you’d like a taste of what OZWST can offer, read here.  After that, if your interested in being involved then contact me.  It’s hard work organising such epic events!  ;0)  We could use all the help we can get.

Once again, attendees will be via invite only and all will be expected to present.

Watch this space!

OZWST in Tweets

A collection of Tweets from the magical event!  Even today (almost a week later) they are still appearing.  :0)
Start from bottom up…

Still misin #OZWST…Its been smashin’ fun applying the content@work tday! @sbarber @Oliver_NZ @testchick @charrett@kengel100 @MartialTester

@Oliver_NZ @richrichnz @charrett @DavidG_RevIT @testchick For all I’m glad to be home with my kids after much travel, I miss #OZWSTas well.

@jamesmarcusbach I enjoyed being a fly in the Twitter wall during#OZWST though couldnt attend. 🙂

Phew, just answered 10x AST BBAST BA long answer questions in 8 hours; and after 2 days of #OZWST all i wanna do is testing!@kengel100

completing the @AST_News article from #OZWST – i’m still learning! going over all the ERs and now wishing it was a 4 day event!

we’re all biased in *some* way by the first thing we look at/read/hear/learn… remember that when #testing… #OZWST

@AST_news – keep an eye on the #OZWST website for updates – many thx for your assistance with this wonderful event.https://ozwst.wordpress.com/ 

@MartialTester @sbarber @charrett #OZWST was a success, my head is spinning with content. Feels like Im on Day 3! @Oliver_NZ@testchick

#OZWST Thanks for the tweets, everyone. Another big leap for Aus / NZ testing. Looking forward to reading more on the workshop.

@MartialTester @charrett That was fun! — #OZWST great addition to the #SoftwareTesting Peer Workshop family.

#OZWST is all done. Stellar first event and thx to all! Here’s to many more…

#OZWST @sbarber “I want to hire you because you are so subtly manipulative. In a good way.” Awesome 🙂

Really enjoyed following the stream guys! Sorry I’ve been heckling from NZ … 😉 #OZWST

#OZWST Lucky last ER from @testchick on winning small battles before winning the war!

@Oliver_NZ – doing a slightly different ER… reading an unpublished blog post. #OZWST

i think it’s role play time with @charrett and @sbarber ! #OZWST

@kengel100 is doing a great job talking about testing in bureaucratic environments – find bubbles of sanity #OZWST

#OZWST hope you folk are having a great mindmelt talkfest. Sorry I couldnt make it.

@TestSheepNZ @richrichnz of course, the whole point is that testing is NOT an isolated activity. #OZWST

@testchick @richrichnz However it needs to be clear that testers need to REPORT to managers on progress. Even if not in numbers#OZWST

@TestSheepNZ @bjosman @richrichnz and what happened to common sense? It’s not that common anymore uh? Testing early = common sense! #OZWST

Management by numbers is the most infuriating of bad mngt practices. ‘You must execute x test cases a day’ comes to mind.@richrichnz #OZWST

@richrichnz @bjosman @testchick What if looking at early a tester can stop design going down bad alley. What happened to test early?#OZWST

@richrichnz @testchick – which tends to be the natural inclination of testers – focus on the documents first #OZWST

@bjosman @testchick The e.g. is not looking at requirements document early leads to natural curiosity and native test ideas…#OZWST

‘I’m in the business of mindsets’ @richrichnz #OZWST

@MartialTester “Chimes In” to signal we are back in session at#OZWST

‘You are planting seeds, don’t expect trees yet’ @Oliver_NZ on small steps in persuasion in context-driven testing #OZWST @richrichnz

@charrett – start collecting objections! #OZWST use this to your advantage for next time

@Oliver_NZ – do good, and talk about it! #OZWST

@sbarber – deeds, not words! #OZWST sell on what you’ve done.

The force is strong @ #OZWST @MartialTester @sbarber@richrichnz @Oliver_NZ @charrett @testchick – jedi mind trick-persuasion & influence!

@richrichnz @sbarber Was reading today a great piece in@JerryWeinberg book “Perfect software & other illusions” on this#OZWST

#OZWST ER#1 Aman: Multinational project testing and influencing across cultural boundaries.

money talks! #OZWST show the big players how much you’re saving through #CDT

#OZWST Day 2!!! We are all looking excited about talking persuasion & influence of strong thoughtful testing practices. Cant wait!@sbarber

#OZWST Day two about to start. Was a long night but i think we can pull it off. Just go easy on us for the 1st few miles 😉

#OZWST day 2 kicking off shortly… more ERs and some role playing are in order!

@MartialTester says “Death to test documentation!” at #OZWST

First day of #OZWST is over already. Time really flies when you are having fun!!

Influencing and persuading is also context driven #OZWST

you can advance and fail, or panic and rollback – failure sometimes helps advancement #OZWST #youhadtobethere

Sounds like its all on @ #OZWST !

#OZWST Andrew ER on how to deal with testing in large multinationals

Andrew Dempster is going to talk about influencing context in a multinational organisation #OZWST

#OZWST We’re at the topic stealth testing. Is it achieving the goals we want?

Second #OZWST ER by @MartialTester: Death by Test Documentation. We all feel your pain!!

@MartialTester in my mind I think #OZWST should contain boxing kangaroos and croc wrestling

#OZWST @richrichnz doing fancy Kung-Fu moves explaining Web Services concept

@richrichnz is documenting a test case for us. nice… #OZWST

@MartialTester Hello and well done to all of you for getting underway#OZWST

‘Test is learning’ – testers keep curious! @richrichnz #OZWST

focus on learning and the crap falls away – @richrichnz #OZWST

Random number generator for reporting test cases! Love it!@richrichnz #OZWST

#OZWST @richrichnz doing the first experience report. this will be about metrics!!! Oh here we go….

first ER with @richrichnz – #OZWST – metrics… should be killer!

@jamesmarcusbach Im here so things are gonna get interesting very shortly… up first! #OZWST

lets get this thing underway…! #OZWST

the very first #OZWST kicks off today. follow the hashtag for updates throughout.

OZWST in Pictures…

Great facilities provided by Schneider Electric!

Scott Barber looking fired up!  However, just super energetic as always.

Scott Barber, Oliver Erlewein, Allesandra Moreira, & Aman Suri.

Richard Robinson, Kim Engel, Andrew Dempster, & Anne-Marie Charrett.

Oliver Erlewein, Allesandra Moreira, Aman Suri, & Mark Tolfts.

Role play time!  Scott & Anne-Marie take to the hot seats to battle questions from the rest of us… the type of questions we get everyday from ‘factory’ bosses.  It was great to listen to, and learn from, their responses.

Scott doing what he does best (facilitating), while Richard removes the ‘evidence’!

Thanks to Andrew we were lucky enough to get a tour of the hardware testing areas.  This is what we ended up calling ‘The Finger’.  Richard asked a question (one of many) while on the tour in relation to what type of testing was done with sockets and fingers… well, to our surprise…  ;0)

OZWST is done!

The very first OZWST is done!  What a great two days, and according to all who attended… a HUGE success.  Watch this space for more information on our first event; the first of many.  There will also be other articles published soon (one of which will be part of a future AST Newsletter), so keep an eye out for them.

Until then, a couple of keepsakes for the organisers…


MASSIVE thanks goes to all attendees, and special thanks to follow soon…