OZWST 2013 is almost upon us!

Well, we’re about 3 weeks out from OZWST 2013 and I’m getting quite excited.

Current attendees are as follows (in no particular order):

  • David Greenlees (Facilitator)
  • Rob Sabourin (Content Owner)
  • Richard Robinson (assisting the Facilitator)
  • Anne-Marie Charrett
  • Andrew Dempster
  • Mark Tolfts
  • Kim Engel
  • Paulo Lai
  • Alessandra Moreira
  • Scott Griffiths
  • Dean MacKenzie
  • Erik Petersen
  • Rajesh Mathur
  • Bruce McLeod
  • Bradley Futter
  • Lee Hawkins
  • David Donald

This year’s theme is ‘Collaboration in Software Testing’.  This is quite a broad theme, so I’m looking forward to some great conferring on almost ANYTHING we do in software testing!

A quick thank you to both the Association for Software Testing (for the catering via their Grant Program) and Google (for the use of their HQs in Sydney).

A Grant Report similar to last year’s will be written post the event so please keep an eye out for that.

Bring it!


One thought on “OZWST 2013 is almost upon us!

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