OZWST Invites Sent…

Well, progress has been made… the OZWST 2013 invites have been sent today.

I’ll post a final attendee list as soon as it’s confirmed, however it does give me great pleasure to announce our international guest Content Owner, Mr Rob Sabourin.  I’m very excited that we’ve been able to make this work.  As you can imagine it’s not a cheap trip from Canada to Australia, but with the help of my colleagues we’ve been able to nail it.

Event details as follows:

Theme – Collaboration.  Although broad sounding, this will be a powerful theme when controlled by Rob.  It is an essential part of our roles and it will be very interesting to hear stories of success and failures.

Venue – Google HQs, Sydney.

Date – August 3 and 4, 2013.

Each attendee will come prepared with an Experience Report (ER) and hopefully we can get through most of them (a hard task for a two day event).  While on the subject of ER’s, check out this video of Rob’s description of an ER.

Once again the AST have been kind enough to sponsor the event through their Grant Program.  Also, a bit thank you to Google for the use of their wonderful HQs in Sydney.

Looking forward to a fantastic couple of days!

More update to come (as always).  ;0)


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