OZWST 2013

Well, planning for OZWST 2013 is already underway!

Talks have begun with testing rock stars, possible locations have been spoken of (Brisbane currently leading the race), themes tossed about, and more helpers for the OZWST Committee are in the wings!  It’s all happening.

If you’d like a taste of what OZWST can offer, read here.  After that, if your interested in being involved then contact me.  It’s hard work organising such epic events!  ;0)  We could use all the help we can get.

Once again, attendees will be via invite only and all will be expected to present.

Watch this space!


3 thoughts on “OZWST 2013

  1. Ahoy David!

    I’d be keen to help out in any way I can (not that I have any organising experience, but I could probably do go-fer / basicky stuff), and if it’s in Brisbane, even better! After following this year’s workshop, very much looking forward to seeing what comes out of Round 2 for OZWST.

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