OZWST in Tweets

A collection of Tweets from the magical event!  Even today (almost a week later) they are still appearing.  :0)
Start from bottom up…

Still misin #OZWST…Its been smashin’ fun applying the content@work tday! @sbarber @Oliver_NZ @testchick @charrett@kengel100 @MartialTester

@Oliver_NZ @richrichnz @charrett @DavidG_RevIT @testchick For all I’m glad to be home with my kids after much travel, I miss #OZWSTas well.

@jamesmarcusbach I enjoyed being a fly in the Twitter wall during#OZWST though couldnt attend. 🙂

Phew, just answered 10x AST BBAST BA long answer questions in 8 hours; and after 2 days of #OZWST all i wanna do is testing!@kengel100

completing the @AST_News article from #OZWST – i’m still learning! going over all the ERs and now wishing it was a 4 day event!

we’re all biased in *some* way by the first thing we look at/read/hear/learn… remember that when #testing… #OZWST

@AST_news – keep an eye on the #OZWST website for updates – many thx for your assistance with this wonderful event.https://ozwst.wordpress.com/ 

@MartialTester @sbarber @charrett #OZWST was a success, my head is spinning with content. Feels like Im on Day 3! @Oliver_NZ@testchick

#OZWST Thanks for the tweets, everyone. Another big leap for Aus / NZ testing. Looking forward to reading more on the workshop.

@MartialTester @charrett That was fun! — #OZWST great addition to the #SoftwareTesting Peer Workshop family.

#OZWST is all done. Stellar first event and thx to all! Here’s to many more…

#OZWST @sbarber “I want to hire you because you are so subtly manipulative. In a good way.” Awesome 🙂

Really enjoyed following the stream guys! Sorry I’ve been heckling from NZ … 😉 #OZWST

#OZWST Lucky last ER from @testchick on winning small battles before winning the war!

@Oliver_NZ – doing a slightly different ER… reading an unpublished blog post. #OZWST

i think it’s role play time with @charrett and @sbarber ! #OZWST

@kengel100 is doing a great job talking about testing in bureaucratic environments – find bubbles of sanity #OZWST

#OZWST hope you folk are having a great mindmelt talkfest. Sorry I couldnt make it.

@TestSheepNZ @richrichnz of course, the whole point is that testing is NOT an isolated activity. #OZWST

@testchick @richrichnz However it needs to be clear that testers need to REPORT to managers on progress. Even if not in numbers#OZWST

@TestSheepNZ @bjosman @richrichnz and what happened to common sense? It’s not that common anymore uh? Testing early = common sense! #OZWST

Management by numbers is the most infuriating of bad mngt practices. ‘You must execute x test cases a day’ comes to mind.@richrichnz #OZWST

@richrichnz @bjosman @testchick What if looking at early a tester can stop design going down bad alley. What happened to test early?#OZWST

@richrichnz @testchick – which tends to be the natural inclination of testers – focus on the documents first #OZWST

@bjosman @testchick The e.g. is not looking at requirements document early leads to natural curiosity and native test ideas…#OZWST

‘I’m in the business of mindsets’ @richrichnz #OZWST

@MartialTester “Chimes In” to signal we are back in session at#OZWST

‘You are planting seeds, don’t expect trees yet’ @Oliver_NZ on small steps in persuasion in context-driven testing #OZWST @richrichnz

@charrett – start collecting objections! #OZWST use this to your advantage for next time

@Oliver_NZ – do good, and talk about it! #OZWST

@sbarber – deeds, not words! #OZWST sell on what you’ve done.

The force is strong @ #OZWST @MartialTester @sbarber@richrichnz @Oliver_NZ @charrett @testchick – jedi mind trick-persuasion & influence!

@richrichnz @sbarber Was reading today a great piece in@JerryWeinberg book “Perfect software & other illusions” on this#OZWST

#OZWST ER#1 Aman: Multinational project testing and influencing across cultural boundaries.

money talks! #OZWST show the big players how much you’re saving through #CDT

#OZWST Day 2!!! We are all looking excited about talking persuasion & influence of strong thoughtful testing practices. Cant wait!@sbarber

#OZWST Day two about to start. Was a long night but i think we can pull it off. Just go easy on us for the 1st few miles 😉

#OZWST day 2 kicking off shortly… more ERs and some role playing are in order!

@MartialTester says “Death to test documentation!” at #OZWST

First day of #OZWST is over already. Time really flies when you are having fun!!

Influencing and persuading is also context driven #OZWST

you can advance and fail, or panic and rollback – failure sometimes helps advancement #OZWST #youhadtobethere

Sounds like its all on @ #OZWST !

#OZWST Andrew ER on how to deal with testing in large multinationals

Andrew Dempster is going to talk about influencing context in a multinational organisation #OZWST

#OZWST We’re at the topic stealth testing. Is it achieving the goals we want?

Second #OZWST ER by @MartialTester: Death by Test Documentation. We all feel your pain!!

@MartialTester in my mind I think #OZWST should contain boxing kangaroos and croc wrestling

#OZWST @richrichnz doing fancy Kung-Fu moves explaining Web Services concept

@richrichnz is documenting a test case for us. nice… #OZWST

@MartialTester Hello and well done to all of you for getting underway#OZWST

‘Test is learning’ – testers keep curious! @richrichnz #OZWST

focus on learning and the crap falls away – @richrichnz #OZWST

Random number generator for reporting test cases! Love it!@richrichnz #OZWST

#OZWST @richrichnz doing the first experience report. this will be about metrics!!! Oh here we go….

first ER with @richrichnz – #OZWST – metrics… should be killer!

@jamesmarcusbach Im here so things are gonna get interesting very shortly… up first! #OZWST

lets get this thing underway…! #OZWST

the very first #OZWST kicks off today. follow the hashtag for updates throughout.


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