OZWST is getting close…

Well, the time sure does fly.  The very first OZWST is almost upon us.  I’m just beginning the mad rush to the finish line in terms of preparation.  A big thanks to Andrew Dempster for his help leading up to this event (despite a trip to the US for STAR West and then a road trip with his family).

In the last post I mentioned special guests… and to be honest, all guests at OZWST are special… otherwise they wouldn’t have been chosen for an invite.  :0)

So here they are (in no particular order):

We have many parts of Oz represented here, along with the US, NZ!  I couldn’t be happier with the crew.

Scott has facilitated many Peer CONFERences in his time, and I’m really looking forward to what he will bring to the event.  Plus, who wouldn’t be happy meeting and working with a testing rock star?  \m/

I also have the utmost confidence in Anne-Marie as our Content Owner.  The topic for OZWST is ‘Influencing a Context-Driven Approach’, and I know that Anne-Marie has loads of experience in this area.  It will also be great to work with someone that I have only ever Skyped with!

Our hashtag for Twitter will be #OZWST so that everyone can keep up to date with proceedings.

Before I forget, another thank you to both Brian Osman (my ANZAC brother) and James Bach for the inspiration and motivation that I needed to get this thing off the ground.

Roll on November 8 and 9!


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