OZWST 2014 Theme

The OZWST 2014 theme has been determined…

Experiences in Acquiring a Sense of Risk:

Testing is about reporting the truth about a product. But that truth must speak to our clients concerns about risk. So how do we come to a sense of risk? This is a vital subject, because it not only relates to our ultimate mission, but also our prejudices which lead us to test more in one area than another. A sense of risk can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are no formulae that tell us how to judge risk. It is a heuristic and narrative process. We are interested in experience reports (ER) about large and small ways that you have done it. Does it emerge just from bugs? From reputation? From periods of time not finding bugs? A risk analysis exercise may also be acceptable instead of an experience report.

As previously updated, James Bach will be joining us in Brisbane as Content Owner, along with Richard Robinson as Facilitator. The final attendee list will be announced once it has been finalised.

Software Education have kindly offered the use of one of their training rooms which is sure to be a great location for some stellar debate!

OZWST 2014

It’s been a little quiet around here lately but that’s all about to change… OZWST will be back with a vengeance in 2014!

We’ll be heading north to the Sunshine State for 2 full days of Peer Conference magic in Brisbane (aka Brisvegas). Software Education have kindly agreed to host us (thank you very much!) for the event and we’ll once again have a very special international guest as Content Owner…

James Bach will be visiting Oz and has kindly offered some of his valuable time.

Details of the chosen theme will be published soon.

14/15 June 2014 are the dates… so if you’re interested in attending (limited space) please note these and get in contact with me ASAP. My contact details can be found here.

OZWST 2013 is done!

Well, OZWST is over for another year.  It was a fantastic couple of days at Google HQs in Sydney, Australia.

More details will be shared soon, along with a full AST Grant Report in the coming weeks.

For now though, I’ll share a picture of our wonderful attendees…


L-R: Rob Sabourin, Ale Moreira, Erik Petersen, Kim Engel, Scott Griffiths, David Greenlees, Paulo Lai, Rajesh Mathur, Mark Tolfts, Richard Robinson, Lee Hawkins, Anne-Marie Charrett, Andrew Dempster. Absent from photo was Dean MacKenzie.

Photographer was a special guest all the way from Sweden who joined us on day 2; Henrik Andersson.

Watch this space!

OZWST 2013 is almost upon us!

Well, we’re about 3 weeks out from OZWST 2013 and I’m getting quite excited.

Current attendees are as follows (in no particular order):

  • David Greenlees (Facilitator)
  • Rob Sabourin (Content Owner)
  • Richard Robinson (assisting the Facilitator)
  • Anne-Marie Charrett
  • Andrew Dempster
  • Mark Tolfts
  • Kim Engel
  • Paulo Lai
  • Alessandra Moreira
  • Scott Griffiths
  • Dean MacKenzie
  • Erik Petersen
  • Rajesh Mathur
  • Bruce McLeod
  • Bradley Futter
  • Lee Hawkins
  • David Donald

This year’s theme is ‘Collaboration in Software Testing’.  This is quite a broad theme, so I’m looking forward to some great conferring on almost ANYTHING we do in software testing!

A quick thank you to both the Association for Software Testing (for the catering via their Grant Program) and Google (for the use of their HQs in Sydney).

A Grant Report similar to last year’s will be written post the event so please keep an eye out for that.

Bring it!